About Us

Paris 7th … as in West 7th Street, where we are located in the cultural District of Fort Worth just west of downtown. Paris 7th … as in the very cultural 7th arrondissement of THE Paris. Some might say le coeur de Paris, the heart of Paris.

The Paris 7th district is where you will find some of the world’s most recognized landmarks: the Eiffel Tower, the Musée d’Orsay and Les Invalides Museum, home to Napoleon’s tomb but also, a quartier known for its fine French food. Cafés, restaurants and gourmet shops are woven into the beautiful streets of the left bank but since we can’t go tonight, here we are at Paris 7th. Let us entertain you!

After 33 years as Saint-Emilion, we moved the menu just down the street, here, to a more spacious dining room. Now, we have a kitchen worthy of all that our cooks can turn out. We have room for our ever-growing wine collection and tables to accommodate parties of 8 and sometimes more. No reservation? No problem most nights. We even have a petit lounge where you can have a cocktail before dinner.

This is where you will find the unforgettable onion soup you’ve always loved and the snails in a garlicky sauce, foie gras, caviar, the freshest fish and prime beef and of course the duck.  Bon appétit!